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Blog Marketing – Steps

Known as weblogs, blogs are the new great thing on the internet. They are more or less a platform which you can use which allows you to actually post your ideas on most any subject that you want to. These weblogs can be used for a variety of things such as a diary, web promoting, […]

What is a WordPress Blog?

A professional and great way to start a blog is to use WordPress as the blogging platform, self-host the blog by paying for a hosting plan at a web hosting service, and register your own domain name to use with the blog. Although a blog is a Web site, a blog is not exactly the […]

Marketing Strategies With a WordPress Blog

Everybody shouts “Facebook marketing!” Why then bother to create marketing strategies with a WordPress blog? The answer is simple: A Harley cannot replace a bicycle; neither can a bicycle replace a Harley. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn can give you exposure. But the WordPress blog can fill the role of the work […]

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