Help Energy Drink Great for Lifting Weights at Gym


The market is rife with energy drinks that claim to give you the top workout, mainly with morning workouts. Anyway, before picking a workout drink, it is vital to consider the ingredients.  A perfect workout energy drink must have a low sodium concentration and should not be sweet, meaning the fructose content should be low with a carbohydrate focus of five percent to eight percent.

Morning workouts

Mike Greasy, founder of Truth About Abs, advises that the morning workouts are the top because they help you kick begin your day. Anyway, he is also fast to mention the disadvantages of beginning your workout on an empty stomach. According to Geary, it could offer you with lean muscle, but over a period of time. It reduces the metabolic rate of the body, outcome in an increased fat storage. Instead, you can drink real berry juice before starting your exercise with the Help energy drink is your best choice to turn up.


Eating a complete meal before your workout can backfire because your body may not be capable to do to its complete potential. You can have a light meal before you start your workout, but it is generally suggested against.

Pre-workout drinks

Greasy is against store bought energy drinks and suggests his followers to make their versions of energy drinks since the sugar is low and you can customize it anyway you want. His personal recipe for a morning workout drink is mix six oz. of herbal iced tea with six oz. of pure blueberry or blackberry juice. Include fifteen g twenty g of whey protein and a tablespoon or 2 of coconut milk if you want. This drink breaks down fast when ingested, providing you with the energy needed during your workout.

Reading the label

According to Bodybuilding site, workout energy drinks in the market can give you with the mind energy you need for a remarkable workout but it is vital to keep the following things in mind: reject drinks with a high focus of liquid glucose, fructose or sucrose since they get changed to carbohydrates in the body and outcome in low liquid absorption. The carbohydrate focus should be no more than eight percent. Energy drinks with sodium can advantage athletes since it curbs their urge to drink.


Ideally, you should not be using more than six-hundred mal of your energy drink before the workout. The top way to make sure that you adhere to this is either purchasing a 500m can or if you are making the drink at house, then you can get a Pyrex glass. Anyway, during a prolonged workout session you can continue drinking this after every 1 hour.

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