How to Take Care of Your Beard

The Steps to Having a Soft and Lucius Beard.

There is nothing more attractive than having a nicely groomed beard, and nowadays beards are all the rage. But how does one care for a beard the right way? You might notice that upon growing your beard out it can become dry, brittle and begin to flake. There is nothing worse than sitting and work and watching dust flakes falling from your beard, so it is important to take the proper steps to maintain it the right way. Growing a beard is like any other piece of hair, it needs care and attention to grow right. With the right care and attention to it you can have the beard of your dreams, whether you are trying to look like a Viking or just like a normal guy.

First Step of Beard Maintenance washing it:

Many people do not realize this, but you do actually have to wash a beard. I didn’t realize this until I started growing mine out, and I the skin underneath my beard was becoming dry and flaking. There is nothing worse than a flaking beard, but you can improve this by washing your beard. The first step to beard care is choosing the right shampoo to wash your beard with. Now you can use the shampoo that you use to wash your hair, but what is even better is using a beard specific shampoo. The Verbena lime beard shampoo is just one of the many options that are available. It makes your beard not only refreshed, but it cleans all of the dirt and follicles that get caught up in your beard.

Remember that your face sees a lot of dirt every day, including dust and dirt from just walking around to exercising. Washing your beard is the first step to caring for it, and it makes it much easier to groom when it is washed and clean. Beard hair is a little different then the hair on the top of your head, so when it gets dirty it tends to get dry and brittle and can actually start to hurt. Not to mention no woman wants to kiss a man who has a smelly beard that looks like it could have a nest inside of it. You can also use an anti-dandruff shampoo if you are trying to save money, as this can prevent flaking as well.

Make That Beard Nice and Soft with Conditioner:

Washing your beard with shampoo is the most important factor in keeping a healthy beard, but it is not the only factor that should be considered. You should also invest in conditioning your beard as well, as this will keep it soft and very manageable. Conditioning your beard is the best way to keep it healthy, and it can make your beard much more bearable. If the beard is not conditioned it will get brittle and actually begin to hurt you the longer it gets, or it can become very itchy and your face will become irritated. Conditioning is the best method for keeping the beard healthy, and you can use a good hair conditioner or there are a number of different beard conditioners that are available as well.

The Beard Control by Billy Jealousy is a beard conditioner that is not only affordable, but it also works very well indeed. Only using a dime sized amount with every shower, you will immediately feel the difference in your beard within a week of usage. Your beard will be so soft that you will think it is a second head of hair, and the ladies will dig your new soft beard as well. Conditioning is an important aspect of growing a truly epic beard, so take the time to do it right.

Beard Oil, the Elixir of a Healthy Beard:

Like many things in your life that require an oil change, believe it or not your beard does as well. Part of the way that movie stars and sports stars alike have such epic beards is because they use beard oil on their beards daily. Beard oil is like a leave in conditioner, but for beards. You rub it in every day and you will notice a huge difference in how healthy your beard is, and how much softer it is. Nothing is better for your beard then using a little bit of beard oil once a day, and finding a good beard oil is easier than you might think.

The Oud Wood conditioning beard oil by Tom Ford is a legendary product. While it is a little more expensive than the average beard oil, you will feel the difference within a day of usage. Beard oil reaches the follicles at the source, and it helps the beard to be soft and healthy. You will notice if you do not condition or take care of your beard that it tends to become hard and brittle and difficult to style. This is not what you want, and you will really appreciate using a good beard oil, and so will your significant other.

Styling it is important too:

You use hair gel to style your hair right? Well what exactly do you use to style a beard? There are many different styling products that you can use from just plain old water to leave in conditioner. The ideal choice is something that is made for a beard, and one of the most popular products are beard balms. These are not as messy as a conditioner would be, and they further add to the nutrients that the beard needs to remain soft and comfortable.

The right beard balm can add to the life and comfort of your beard, and in the long run it will make it much healthier and easy to manage. An unmanageable beard takes us back to the caveman days, and since we are in modern times a balm like Da Balm beard balm by Badrick’s will keep your beard looking healthy and soft for years to come. You must check the shop to look for items you need for you beard to grow in a style.

Brush or Comb that Beard to prevent yourself from looking like a Caveman:

Depending on how long your beard is you can comb it or brush it out, and this can be a generally effect way to keep your beard healthy. Naturally you don’t want to just use a hair brush to comb your beard, as this can transfer dirt and germs from your hair to your beard. There are a couple of different options for groom your beard but the most common would be a beard brush. The Oval Cherrywood military brush by Kent is an old school and yet very effective beard brush that will help keep your beard untangled and clean. The benefit of using a beard brush is also that it will spread the beard oil to the follicles, helping to keep your beard healthier then ever.

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