Taxi Services: Tipping Your Taxi Driver

Many people who work with taxi companies is exactly how and how much they should tip their taxi drivers. Coming up with an amount last minute can be embarrassing and rather frustrating as well, and calculating is not something that comes easy for some people. People may often time feel as if they are too cheap in front of others including the taxi driver.

One of the first suggestions is that your tips that should be given to the taxi driver are estimated. Tips are how taxi drivers earn their income, so keep in mind that whenever you catch a taxi, leaving a tip is almost always necessary. As far as how much you should tip your driver, there are a few different ways and tricks to help you figure out how much should be given to them.

First of all, if you are deciding on using taxi services, you should estimate what the total charge is going to be, and then make sure you have 10% of the taxi fair to leave as a tip. An average of 15% is normal, but 10% is just as fair and should be no less than that. Most people will just give the driver a set amount of money and then they will tell the driver to simply keep the change, but the problem with this is that sometimes the difference is less than 10%. Take for example if your fare is $17.50. If you hand them a $20 a say keep the change that is a fair tip to leave for your route. If your trip is shorter, or your total taxi fare is closer to the dollar amount you gave the driver, you shouldn’t leave a dollar for the tip. This is not a fair tip and should not be left. Taxi drivers work hard for their money, and therefore they should be tipped fairly. Maxican is one of the leading taxi service in Singapore.

Another method to help you tip your taxi driver is to calculate the math for the tip just as you would do in a restaurant. If you choose this method, never be afraid to ask the river for the change back and then issue him his tip. Normally, the tip should be 15%, but again, 10% is fair enough as well too. If however, you have a better than expected trip and the driver offers excellent service, maybe throw in a little extra to show your appreciation.

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