What Are RSS Feeds?

It is also commonly known as a feed, or an RSS feed. The primary function of the feed is to allow the site owner to syndicate content to other sources. Content can be syndicated to feed readers, forums, social networking sites, or blogs. Since content can be syndicated so easily, webmasters started to think about how to acquire more exposure by marketing their feeds. Here are some feeds marketing techniques that you may find useful. You can get free traffic to your site just by promoting your RSS feed.

Method 1: Acquire subscribers.

Having a feed means that you can build a readership base. Visitors can subscribe to your RSS feed, and whenever you post a new blog entry, they get an update. They will then return to your blog to read your content. The key to success for this method is to post killer content. Visitors subscribe because they anticipate high quality content from you. If you can post high quality information, you won’t have any problem acquiring new subscribers.

Method 2: Submit to feed directories.

There are a few well known feed directories on the Internet. People visit these sites to find feeds from interesting sites. If you have your feed published in these directories, visitors may end up subscribing to your feed. Note that these are highly targeted readers. They subscribe because they are interested in what you have to say.

Method 3: Promote your feed in your profile pages.

By adding a widget or code snippet on your profile pages, you can easily display your RSS feed on your profile pages. The people who browse your profile will be able to see the content that you have posted. If they decide to read more, they will click through and end up on your blog. This is a great way to get some free targeted traffic.

Method 4: Promote your feed on other people’s blogs.

WordPress has a widget that allows bloggers to add feeds to the sidebar. You can always network with other bloggers and promote one another’s RSS feed. Some bloggers own very popular blogs. Having your feed promoted on such blogs can bring you a surge in traffic.

Method 5: Promote your feed on social network sites.

Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook allow members to add feeds to their account. These sites pull headlines from the feeds automatically when there is a fresh post. There are literally millions of members on these sites, which means that you can get a decent level of traffic.

Note that all the above methods require you to write catchy headlines. If you don’t write headlines that catch your reader’s attention, no one is going to click on the links and visit your website. The traffic comes only when people click on the links.

rss wire can be an easy way to drive targeted traffic. Most sites just require you to do a one-time setup. Once a feed has been setup on a social site or a blogFeature Articles, there is nothing more you need to do (except to post more killer content).

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